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Mark Watkin Jones edit

Mark Watkin Jones
Prif Weithredwr

Gweld proffil for Mark Watkin Jones
Richard Price 1

Richard Price
Rheolwr Prosiect Cymunedol

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Sior Hayward new photo3

Sior Hayward
Cyfarwyddwr Buddsoddi

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Mark Hogan

Mark Hogan
Cyfarwyddwr Datblygu

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Julian Browne

Julian Browne
Cyfarwyddwr Cyllid

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Steven Townshend 1jpg

Steven Townshend
Rheolwr Masnachol

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Dylan Norton

Dylan Norton
Uwch Reolwr Asedau

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Nikki Tomlinson

Nikki Tomlinson
Uwch Reolwr Asedau

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Natalie Mc Roy 6

Natalie McRoy
Rheolwr Eiddo Masnachol

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Haf Roberts3 grey background

Haf Roberts
Syrfëwr Rheoli Eiddo

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Rebecca Gore grey3

Rebecca Gore
Cynorthwy-ydd Eiddo

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Elan Watkin Jones 1

Elan Watkin Jones
Cynorthwy-ydd Eiddo

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Lisa Owen

Lisa Owen
Cymhorthydd Personol i Glyn Watkin Jones

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Joanne Photo

Joanne Gilpin
Cymhorthydd Personol i Mark Watkin Jones

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Ann Jones

Ann Jones
Rheolwr Cefnogaeth Grŵp

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Rhys Roberts

Rhys Roberts
Rheolwr Cyllid

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Adam Brierley grey background

Adam Brierley
Cyfrifydd Rheoli

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Tanya Parry 4

Tanya Parry
Cyfrifydd Rheoli

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Gareth Taylor 8

Gareth Taylor
Cyfrifydd Rheoli

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Heidi Watts Thomas

Heidi Watts-Thomas
Cyfrifydd Rheoli Cynorthwyol

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Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts
Technegydd Cyfrifeg

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Tara Hughes

Tara Hughes
Cynorthwyydd Cyfrifeg

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Gary Pritchard 3

Gary Pritchard
Clerc Llyfr Pryniannau

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